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Precision Excavating Services in Peoria, IL

Moving mass material takes skill and experience. Our excavating services in Peoria, IL, provide precision work with heavy equipment. For projects that need to be completed on schedule and within budget, call the experts at Force Excavating. Whether you need sub-contracting, light commercial work, or residential excavation, we have the land clearing professionals that get the job done right.
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Mass Material Excavation Services in Macomb, IL

Backfilling Trenches & Holes

Once your work is complete, the material needs backfilling to protect the safety of everyone on site. Backfilling trenches and holes must be done correctly to ensure the material settles properly. This process will prevent an uneven surface or the development of low spots and holes.   

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Excavation   

Digging for sanitary and storm sewer excavation requires an experienced eye that understands how to complete the work for drainage and slope correctly. Not every company has the experience to dig this type of project effectively, so call us for excavating services and count on the professionals.

Field Tile Work

Keeping water moving away from where you don’t want it is what we do best. Force Excavation provides field tile work that ensures a healthy landscape and excellent water drainage that prevents your field from getting waterlogged.