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Solutions with Lakes and Ponds in Peoria, IL

Whether it’s for water retention or recreation, building lakes and ponds in Peoria, IL, is a great way to manage runoff effectively while creating a stunning feature for your property. These water basins can prevent flooding, add to an area’s appeal, and serve as a thriving home for fish and other animals that prefer an aquatic ecosystem. When you want to add one to your space, rely on your partners at Force Excavating. 

We have the experience and equipment to get the job done quickly and deliver dependable results. Our team digs out new lake and pond areas, rehabilitates existing water features, and serves as the go-to choice for both recreation and retention ponds. We’ll tackle your project with the level of service and emphasis on quality that you deserve. 

Recreational Ponds in Macomb, IL

Going with the Flow

 You shouldn’t have to call a different company when you need maintenance for your water features. That’s why we also take on repair work for dikes, dams, and levees. These projects are often time-sensitive and critical to a property’s safety, so don’t wait to get help when you need it. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can lend a hand with your excavation, land clearing, and pond creation jobs.   

Retention Ponds in Macomb, IL